Bobby Stanfield

Bobby has createad a new kite based on a classic older cellular kite. The kite has two options for the tail attached to the same front two wings. The first picture shows the kite with three wings on it and the second shows the same kite with the third wing removed and a long tail on it-sort of like a dragon fly thing. Bobby calls it a BCB- Bobby Cellular Brogden kite after a turn of the century cellular kite maker. It is an unbelievable kite that breaks down into sections which fit in your car!


At Berkeley in 1996 Karen Gustavson and Scott Skinner both had their BCB's. Karen's was all black and Scott's was lime green and black. But alas in the last moments before the cellular ascension Scott managed to cripple his. A sad day for kite fliers. We missed having Bobby there. Bobby has been one of the most helpful people in teaching us how to work with kite materials. He is truly a fine craftsman with the love of kite flying