Ty Billings-High as a Kite

It is because of Ty that I was inspired to learn to make kites. But the more I learn the more I love what he does with appliqué and tie dyed ripstop nylon. A true master of color. A patient teacher. A gifted kite maker. His famous tie dye appliqué VW Yotzus stands out in any crowd.

Ty also commercially produces traditional kites made exclusively from his secret dyeing process. His commercial tie dye Roks are really beautiful.


Of course he does those fabulous Roks in appliqué, and one was seen recently hovering at George's obelisk!


Recently Ty did a series of appliqué flower Roks in different color schemes. It was a treat to see several of them in the sky at once!

You can email Ty at bwmbwmb@gmail.com