The Shiitake Way

Jennifer has written a cookbook about the shiitake mushroom called "The Shiitake Way". You can order it from directly.

Long revered in Japan for their life enhancing qualities, shiitake mushrooms are finding increasing popularity in the West. The Shiitake Way is a treasury of information on shiitake mushrooms - from preserving to basic preparation to cooking tips and the medicinal value.

One of the richest collections of recipes ever gathered for mushrooms lovers highlights the shiitake in an array of appetizers, side dishes and main entrees. Shiitake Pasta, Supreme Shiitake Sauce, Steamed Shiitake Wontons, Shiitake Potato Pancakes, Shiitake Omelets...are a few of the incredible ways these mushrooms have been incorporated into kitchen fare. These recipes stimulate your imagination as well as your taste buds and have been created with low-fat, low-sodium goals in mind.

The medicinal properties of shiitake mushrooms are well known in Japan, when studies have proven them to have anti-carcinogenic and anti-cholesterol effects. Forward & Medicinal Properties by Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D.

I have always enjoyed high energy and creativity in cooking...Jennifer Snyder's The Shiitake Way possesses these qualities. From soups to sauces, this cookbook is a must for the mushroom lovers in the world.
Bradley M. Ogden
The Lark Creek Inn & One Market Restaurant

Jennifer Snyder's new book, The Shiitake Way, is a gold mine of recipes for the preparation of these delicious mushrooms. Her book is a treasure and a must for all mushroom mavens.
Rosemary Manell
Food Consultant

Five minutes into this book I had to go out shoping for shiitake mushrooms. Essence, extract, paste, puree; pâté, tartlets, croutons- I want to try them all. Boundless inspiration in recipes both sophisticated and down-home. The accummulated lore is delightfully alluring.
Make way for mushrooms!
Edward Espe Brown
Author of The Tassajara Bread Book, Tassajara Cooking, The Tassajara Recipe Book, and Greens Cookbook

Drawing© by Jennifer Snyder