The Studio and Art of Masao Hashimoto

Several years ago, we saw an announcement that there was to be a kite making workshop in San Francisco in honor of the establishment of San Francisco and Osaka as sister cities. A group of kite makers from Osaka led the workshops, and then on the weekend there was a kite fly. We went to the workshops to discover we were the only adults from the kiting community to attend. To our surprise there was a beautiful exhibition of traditional Japanese kites representing many diverse styles.

We assisted in the class with the children, and became acquainted with Mr. Hashimoto and the other 4 men who were there. On the weekend we participated in the kite fly in which hundreds of red and white tossa kites were given out to the children to fly when the mayor of Osaka arrived.

At the end of the wonderful kite fly, we sat with the folks from Osaka and a kite exchange ensued. This was the start of our friendship.

Last year in Uchinada, we again linked up with Mr. Hashimoto and the people of Osaka, when we found that our traveling companion in China, Ed Fackler, had just been made a member of the same kite club. The rest is history. Below are some of the kites of Mr. Hashimoto.